Miso Soup

From Thera

  • A recipe online: but i usually skip the dashi/stock and just use straight water since i don’t taste a difference.
  • the way i do it is less exact but i usually boil about 3ish cups of water with some chopped green onion and seaweed if i have any
  • then i take a tablespoon or so of paste and put in in a bowl with a little water and sort of smash the paste into the water so its very thick but not a big glob – you want it to be able to dissolve in water so make it the consistency of very thick sunscreen i guess
    then turn the boiling water off and move the pan off the heat
    pour in the miso paste and stir until it’s dissolved and leave it alone for 5-10 minutes, at which point you will see the miso paste start to bloom in the water, making it look like restaurant miso, and that’s when it’s ready to eat!
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